Nabila 552.12

Designed by Corrado Dotti

Caramel Blue Apartment, Russia
Chiara Ferragni Home, Milano
Mohd Showroom, Milano
Private home, Norway
TOOY X Rimadesio, 2018
Via Manzoni Project, Milano
Private home, Milano
Private home, Italy Project by Studio Tenca & Associati Photo by Riccardo Gasperoni
Interior project: Formadesign Studio Location: Spazio Giustiniani Photos: Federico Rossi
50s inspired collection of elegant and sophisticated lamps representing the detail to enrich any location. A double-sided spherical bright object in borosilicate glass makes these lamps available in different compositions and a structure made by metal coated with epoxy powder enriched with brushed brass or black chrome details. Different varieties are available for any situation: chandeliers (in five different models) or table lamp, bedside (smaller), floor or wall (available in three different models for single or composite personalized installation). Richness and sobriety all in one single element.
C2 Matte black + C41 Brushed brass + Clear Glass
C2 Matte black + C48 Black chrome + Smoke Glass
Light source: 12 x G9 220/240V
Wattage (LED): Max 5W
Dimmability: According to bulb
Dimensions: Ø102/H43 cm
Stem kit (adjusted on site): 30/60/90 cm included
Glass Ø: 12/16 cm
Note: Custom stem on request (MIN 25 cm), Max dimension bulb (excluded) Ø1,8/H5,7 cm, Available in 110/120V